What Is PBL

WAWM Deeper Learning Virtual Academy

When students engage in project-based learning, they learn how to engage in project  management, how to collaborate with their peers, how to design products, how to solve problems, and how to think critically. They are prepared for the Creative Economy while also growing into passionate, life-long learners.  Note that PBL is different from a culminating project, because here students are learning through the project.

Project Based Learning is specifically tailored to develop the skills, mindsets, and thinking habits to prepare students for this new reality. Students will learn critical skills in information literacy, research, product design, ideation, divergent thinking, collaboration, project management, and marketing.

Sound different? That is the point!  As much as the Deeper Learning Virtual Academy is designed to be different, students will still be learning the same necessary content and standards that they need to succeed in school. We will still continue to hold students accountable to high standards of academic excellence. The only difference is that they will master these standards through a PBL process where they engage in inquiry and research, solve a complex problem, and design a solution.

The WAWM Deeper Learning Virtual Academy process involves the design thinking model, which is a flexible process that focuses on the user experience.  When students engage in project-based learning, they are better equipped for future jobs that don’t even exist yet. More and more, corporations are describing how creativity, problem-solving, and innovation have become some of the most vital skills in the new economy.