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WAWM Deeper Learning Virtual Academy
Through experiences that build community

Empowering Students To Live Life On Their Own Terms

Every day, the West Allis-West Milwaukee School District focuses on equity through deeper learning, fosters a sense of belonging, and educates the whole child so that every learner achieves success.  

While the learning at the Deeper Learning Virtual Academy has no boundaries, it is physically housed at James E Dottke Project Based Learning High School located at 7815 W. Lapham in West Allis, WI.

A Device For Every Learner

Each student receives a device to use for virtual instruction. Devices are age dependent and content delivery is tailored to the age appropriate device. 

Project Based Learning

Students engage with content through rigorous project based learning experiences. 


Periodic in-person days at Dottke PBL High School ensure that students foster a sense of community with their classmates. 


Our guaranteed and viable curriculum ensures all students are prepared for their personal next steps after high school.

Extracurricular Options

Resident students are encouraged to participate in extracurricular opportunities within their neighborhood school.


Deeper Learning Virtual Academy students receive comparable supports to those of their in person peers.

The West Allis-West Milwaukee School District

Promoting equity through deeper learning

What our students can expect:

  • Learners will start by building a sense of community in the online setting either as individuals with adaptive platforms or with groups in an online environment. 

  • The first course for all learners will be our PBL 101.  Learners will design projects that embed standards through our I Can statements for 4K-12 that will be monitored with Presentations of Learning throughout the unit.

  • Learners will complete 2-4 projects in a quarter depending on the content requirements, skill development, and length of each project.

  • Learners will also have small group lessons in specific skill development around content mastery, communication, and problem solving.

  • Learners will have access to Social Emotional Learning through embedded lessons and activities allowing them to explore their own identities and learn more about empathy.

  • Learners will have access to online platforms for core content (ALEKS, StudySync, My Math, Wonders, etc.) and project based learning planning tools (Jamboard, Miro, etc.).

  • Each quarter, students will have a week when they can come into our physical school to do builds and make products.  Other materials for builds will be available to take home. They will also participate in one large Presentation of Learning for the community per quarter.  This can be done in person or virtually through Zoom.  

  • Learners will create a Profile of a Graduate using a Blog wherein they collect evidence of their learning each year tied to the I Can statements.

  • High school learners will have access to take our transcripted courses and participate in Youth Apprenticeship as well as Early College Credit Program/Start College Now opportunities.  

  • Learners identified with special education needs and Learners identified EL will have supports through certified special education/EL staff. 

Equity Non-Negotiables:

The West Allis-West Milwaukee School District believes…

    1. Eliminating inequities begins with each of us; we see students as people with assets and aspirations and it is our job to help them realize their goals and dreams.

    2. Together we are responsible for the prevention of unmet potential, supporting students’ social emotional growth, and overall organizational improvement by eliminating inequalities and acknowledging our own biases.

    3. We will engage students in authentic and rigorous learning through curricular materials, instructional practices, and assessments that are free of discrimination and bias and are culturally responsive.

    4. Together we create a service oriented culture of excellence where success for each student and all relationships reflect our core values (Trust, Integrity, Respect).

    5. Student involvement in all organizational programming is representational and equitable.

    6. The Deeper Learning Competencies (Master Academic Content, Problem Solving/Critical Thinking, Communication, Collaboration, Self-Directed Learning, Academic Mindset) will drive instructional planning to increase equitable opportunities for all students. 

    7. We will analyze data in order to support resource allocation and funding. All district policies, procedures, and funding are aligned with our Equity Non-Negotiables and are used to create equity for all. 

    8. We will empower and intentionally seek feedback from ALL families in their student’s education, school planning, and District decision making.

    9. We will always persevere in serving students, even when a student lacks home support, guidance and/or requisite knowledge; fails to exert the expected effort; and/or refuses to adhere to the code of conduct.

    10. Every staff member is part of an intentionally designed educational team that co-plans together, sharing knowledge and expertise to better educate each child through co-teaching and purposeful collaboration.

    11. We will recruit, employ, support, retain, and continually develop a workforce of racially conscious and culturally competent administrative, instruction, and support personnel.

You can find out more specifics about our charter agreement by clicking here for the PDF of that agreement.