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Preparing students to live life on their own terms.


The West Allis-West Milwaukee School District is committed to providing equitable learning experiences for all students. Through the utilization of a guaranteed and viable curriculum, in conjunction with a set of equity non-negotiables, WAWM graduates are prepared to live life on their own terms. 

Why Deeper Learning

The world of work is rapidly changing. Education must continue to evolve. Embedding the deeper learning competencies into each of our courses ensures students master course content while also learning the soft skills employers are looking for. 

Why Project Based Learning

Project based learning or PBL is an educational model that provides a high level of flexibility and student autonomy. Students in a PBL environment go deep in their learning because they not only show mastery of course content, they apply it. 

Why Virtual

Learning isn’t one size fits all. Some students have excelled in virtual school and continuing to provide that method of instruction is important in creating educational experiences that work for all students. 

Project Based Learning

What Your Student Can Expect

Students will be given instruction in a combination of synchronous and asynchronous formats which means students will have access to class content when it works best for them as an individual. Students learning synchronously will receive live instruction online and will have structured supports throughout the project completion process.  Students will also have access to all of our online learning platforms, so we can tailor the educational experience to the student. 

Assessment and PBL

Assessment in a PBL model can look different than in a traditional model. In a traditional model, students are typically assessed through an exam taking the form of a test or quiz. While tests and quizzes may still be used for assessment, in project based learning, students are more likely to be assessed on their ability to show mastery of the content through their projects. That content is clustered into I Can Statements and students grades are based on the mastery of those I Can Statements. 

Connection To Deeper Learning

Project based learning provides real world context for the content being delivered in a classroom and provides students with an opportunity to apply that content in meaningful ways. The application of the content gives students practice in communicating, collaborating, and solving problems which deepens their learning

Wisconsin Certified Teaching Staff

From 4K up through high school, our teaching staff is fully certified by the state of Wisconsin to offer our students the highest quality learning experience available. 

Guaranteed and Viable Curriculum

All students receive instruction around our guaranteed and viable curriculum. These sets of baseline standards ensure that all students are prepared to be life ready. 

High Expectations With High Support

Because the Deeper Learning Virtual Academy is part of the West Allis-West Milwaukee school district, students have access to to all of the same resources as full time, in person students. 

Synchronous Learning

Synchronous learning takes place at a pre-perscribed time. Students complete tasks and are presented with new material with their classmates. This work is done all together.

Asynchronous Learning

Asynchronous learning takes place outside of synchronous times. Students can access new content and complete assignments during a time that works best for them. 

In Person Learning

In person collaboration will take place at set times throughout the school year. Students will have the opportunity to meet with their teachers face to face and receive instruction at Dottke PBL High School.

Our Three Methods Of Instruction

Staying connected while working from home is a challenge we all can relate to. We want our students to have the flexibility they need to connect with their instructors during their scheduled class times (synchronous learning) while still providing them opportunities to complete work outside of the normal school day (asynchronous learning). Students in the WAWM Deeper Learning Virtual Academy also have the opportunity to engage with their teachers and classmates in person during scheduled times during the school year.

Preparing your student for the real world through

The Deeper Learning Competencies

Academic Mindset
Self Directed Learning
Effective Communication
Critical Thinking and Problem Solving
Content Mastery

Why WAWM Deeper Learning Virtual Academy?

  • A virtual learning experience worked great for my daughter. We wanted to take her education to the next level by enrolling her in the Deeper Learning Virtual Academy. 

  • I love being able to explore my passions and direct my own learning. Deeper learning at WAWM helps me get ready to live life on my own terms. 

  • Virtual learning isn’t for everyone, but some students thrive in a virtual environment. Finding the right fit for your learner is so important. 


WAWM Deeper Learning Virtual Academy